I'm a poet, I'm a fighter, I'm a preacher ♫

{10 diciembre 2009}   By a shadow

Her blonde curls were floating in the air
she’s waiting to be awakened by a kiss,
she is in a ancient bed,
but she feels like underwater.
And the air leaves her
she wants to wake up by herself
but she can’t. 
She doesn’t hear.
She’s tired to be again the same.
She thinks is boring to be
always the same,
forever thinking about it.
She doesn’t forget
but she can’t remember when was
the last time she felts so happy.
So blow away.
Glass eyes can’t see
she can’t avoid tears.
Tonight is time to
do it again.
To run away in a dream.
So far…
But she don’t want to do it
no more…
Tonight is time to look
the past and say goodbye,
she wants a one more try
and not to lose.
Yesterday was,
and today is.
“Tomorrow will be
a better day.”
Like a dream inside her
but someone, said her that.
She can’t say a word,
she can’t remember
but she can’t forget.
The pain remains,
so near to believe it…
She isn’t like a lady
like a fragile princess
but she is bewitched
by a shadow.



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