I'm a poet, I'm a fighter, I'm a preacher ♫

{2 marzo 2009}   Faded

Life goes on, girl. Life goes on. Remember, everything seems to be worst, but soon the light  will appear again.  I told you girl, the world changes and you friend  would be your enemy. Don’t be sad. The things changes everydat. Life goes on. A tear in the dark is the same, she don’t help you to feel better. Your hope is faded, but your sadness have to  end.

Anywhere you go, the shine of melancholy is in your eyes. Can you see better before you cried? Please, change the expression of your face. A smile isn’t much work, right? Well,  now see around you. The world changes, the things changes and now, you have to go, and leave all you always loved. Don’t worry about that. Don’t worry about the future. The possibilities aren’t written.

You can make your destiny.



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